7 practical tips that will increase your Twitter followers, engage your audience and expand your reachEsvee Group blog post, June 2011

It’s been established that Twitter is a powerful tool used in so many ways to expand your business. You can make an enormous impact using it and it’s definitely a worthwhile time investment to make, but just how exactly does this happen? Without a shadow of a doubt, having a good following is an important step. You want to have readers so that sharing your information is actually reaching someone – not just falling on deaf ears.




Blogging for business – a big picture approach to creating value through your contentEsvee Group blog post, May 2011

Remember when Twitter was just a place to announce what you were doing? It’s evolved into something so much more than that. Information and media sharing, real time discussions, and a place to interact with fellow industry members are just a few ways that people are using the micro-blogging phenomenon to demonstrate thought-leadership, build an audience, develop trust, and generate leads. It’s predecessor, blogging in its traditional sense, paved the way in a very similar fashion.




Easily customize social media newspapers through Paper.liEsvee Group blog post, May 2011

So you are a business owner constantly on Twitter, struggling to find a way to show your followers just how tech savvy and ‘in the know’ you are. It seems like following your stream and reporting back the relevant content is not as effective as it could be. On top of that, constantly manually updating and searching through hoards of streams is time consuming where otherwise time could be better spent. Well, rest assured, because now there is a perfect solution for all of this!





So you want to build an online community …Esvee Group blog post, May 2011

Building an online community. That’s quite an important step on the road to having an effective website for your business. I just read an awesome article from the Social Media Examiner throwing 6 tips for online community building your way. Here’s the main gist of the article for you.