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CUNY Students! Behold the Theatre Development Fund

June 14th, 2012 Alina Guzman Art, NYC No comments

I usually don’t pay any mind to the “This Week at CUNY” emails we students are constantly bombarded with but one recently caught my eye. ‘Broadway Discounts and Beyond’ is not something I can readily ignore. Upon closer inspection, I found out there is a not-for-profit organization, the Theatre Development Fund, that specifically caters to the support of the theatrical arts. Their mission is to both support the art and to allow diverse audiences to attend performances.

Membership with TDF includes a small annual fee for the opportunity to purchase tickets at up to 70% off. The prices range from $9 to $41. Full time students are one of the groups that qualify to TDF Membership. Other groups include teachers, recent graduates, union members, retirees, and performing arts professionals. CUNY students get to join for a reduced annual fee of $10. Its a ridiculously simple process and once completed, you have at your disposal 7 categories of performances to choose from around the city including Broadway, Off Broadway, Dance, Opera, and Rock.

Most importantly, members can purchase up to 9 tickets for each performance so you can bring your friends and family along. This is a great way to become more intertwined with New York culture. I’m looking forward to my first show. I haven’t picked up any tickets yet but once I do I’ll go over the process.

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Williamsburg Art Scene: BYOB Painting Class

June 14th, 2012 Alina Guzman Art, NYC, Yelp Reviews No comments

Lately I’ve been on such an art kick; letting it take me to places I never thought I’d go. Namely, Williamsburg. I have just about every “daily deal” account under the moon that offers NYC deals. Months ago I stumbled upon a Groupon deal for a Bring Your Own Booze Painting Class that really intrigued me. Booze and painting? Sounds like fun.

The Painting Lounge, of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, offers super fun and unique BYOB classes where you recreate a work of art. I was dying to paint Van Gogh’s Starry Night so I waited a few months and finally got into a class for it! You can read the rest of my detailed review on yelp but here is the main gist. The owner Kevin, who has incredible taste in music, provides all materials necessary for the class. Paints, brushes, canvas, apron, bottle opener, cups for your booze, you need it? he’s got it. The best part is you get to keep your canvas at the end! Choose to have it framed (for about $30) or just staple a string onto it and hang it up (finally managed to hang mine up, evidence right here). I put it smack under the poster of the original Starry Night, just to keep things interesting.

Hikalu (check out the visual blog she curates, its amazing) agreed to come with and we had a blast. To our surprise, our class session was being covered by the press! Lore Croghan from the Daily News was there with a photographer interviewing each student and snapping away pictures. You can read the article here. (Yes, that is me in the photo. To my dismay, I somehow managed to sit right in the hot seat for the photographer.)

Since then, I have seen another Groupon deal that I am itching to snatch up. Kevin has also expanded the collection of art available to be painted so there will surely be something that interests you!

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A week of the life in New York

July 18th, 2011 Alina Guzman Art, Night out on the town 2 Comments

I realized that I had an uncharacteristically active week that just passed. Monday night I went to the Bryant Park film festival. Tuesday night was my Broadway experience.  Thursday after work I went to my first ever hip hop dance class. One of my besties, Bonnie, often takes classes at Dance New Amsterdam and asked me to join. I was obviously super excited at first and couldn’t wait. Day of, however, I was starting to get butterflies and imagined just about 100 different scenarios where I could get out of this commitment. Even after I paid and was waiting for class to begin, I thought of leaving- everyone just looked so into it and I have no rhythm whatsoever. Long story short, I ended up going through with it. The instructor goes through the steps pretty fast and I was able to keep up, I just looked stupid doing it (I have no swag). Now I appreciate the talented dancers on SYTYCD even more. I think next time I’ll go back for a contemporary dance class, that IS my favorite style after all.

On Saturday, I went to the Merce Fair | Lincoln Center Festival. The Merce Cunningham Dance Company performed two ballets- Duets (1980) and Squaregame (1976) with a musical performance “Entr’acte” during the intermission. I wish I could say it was brilliant. But the truth is I don’t understand modern ballet for the life of me. Give me 10 minutes with someone who does and I’d be set.

This was part of the Andy Warhol exhibit in the fair. We played with the balloons for a bit before the ballet began.

I ended my week of activity with a lounge at the beach. I went to Coney Island for the second Sunday in a row to get some swimming time in. The water was pretty cold but it was still fun. Afterwards, I walked along the boardwalk and went to the amusement park for the first time! Been living in NY so long but never trusted/had any interest to go there. Maybe next time I should go on a weekday because it was super packed. I did find some rides I want to try though. For another day..

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