RubyMine – An Integrated Development Environment by JetBrains

June 26th, 2013 Alina Guzman Tech, Web Development 1 Comment

Right before I started the WDI course, I found an IDE for Ruby that people often rave about, and decided to install it.

An IDE (integrated development environment) is a software program that helps developers build software. IDE’s usually include a text source code editor with syntax highlighting, a compiler that takes the source code into a program that executes it and/or an interpreter that runs programs that don’t need to be compiled, as well as a debugger that helps the programmer run through their code and find problem areas. That was a mouth full. In short- IDE’s offer a lot of tools that make your life easier (if your life is all about building web applications!)

What’s the alternative? Well, in our class for example, we write everything using Sublime – a text editor, and run everything through the command line. Sublime IS awesome and is loaded with all sorts of shortcuts that make writing code a pleasure. And the command line works and you can probably do things much faster than you would with a GUI if you’re fast enough. What I do instead…is use RubyMine.

RubyMine is an IDE by JetBrains, which also makes a ton of other software products for almost any language. The more I work with RubyMine, and the further I go into the course, I really see the advantage it gives.


Features and benefits of RubyMine

  • The code editor saves a ton of time and auto-completes every code ending. In comparison to Sublime’s TAB key auto-complete, I found the IDE’s version to be much swifter and more accurate.
  • Helps with testing by providing RSpec help (we only briefly touched upon this topic in class so I was happy to see that it is also a feature of the IDE).
  • Works with the Rails framework latest versions
  • Automatically bundle installs anything you specified in Gemfiles
  • Debugs your code in a super easy-to-use interface
  • Works with lots of VCS! Most importantly – Git! Every time I add a local repository through the command line, it adds a root and automatically adds any file changes to tracking! << I’m crazy about this one.
  • And many more that I’m sure I still have no idea about.


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